Tools for RF Power Measurement and Realtime RF Analysis

WaveNode provides sensibly priced RF Wattmeter and Monitoring equipment for Amateur Radio, Government Agency, Avionics, AM/FM Broadcast, and Emergency Communications. Coax sensors from 30 KHz to 1.3GHz are available for every application, and four sensors can be monitored on the LCD display. Connection via USB to a PC allows simultaneous viewing of the four sensors. The RF modulation at the sensors is digitized, and can be analyzed real-time with digital scope and spectrum analyzer software provided. 

Latest News and Announcements: 

May25-2017: We are away from our shop from May 26 until July 19th.   For product questions or technical support, please email .  All webstore orders will be shipped when we return.  Your credit card will not be charged until we are ready to ship to you.  Have a great summer.

Best 73,   The Wavenode Staff

January-8-2017: WaveNode sensor RFView ports are optimized for Anan SDR IMPure operation.   The ouput is set for -3 dbm @100 watts forward power.  This level will not to exceed the recommended input level of +13 dbm @ 1500 watts forward power.  This IMPure level is set only when the customer requests it at time of ordering, either by email or phone contact.

September-18-2016: RF Connectors Option: DIN RF connectors are now available as an option on Wavenode UHF-2KW and 70CM-2KW sensors. The option price for these connectors is $50/sensor.

September-16-2016: The WaveNode USB driver for all of our products is now digitally signed and certified by Microsoft on all Microsoft operating systems.   This makes installation of the driver very simple for new and existing PC installation.   This certified driver is the same driver as the previous version, so no need to update your USB driver if your software is working correctly now.   You will receive the digitally signed driver with all new product shipments, or you can request it from us at   To download this signed USB driver, Click here. The Installation instructions for this signed driver are Click here.

September-15-2016: New sensor available for QRO 50-60 MHz operation. This sensor is for 0-4000 watt operation on the six meter Amateur Radio band.   It is available with either N-type or DIN connectors and is optimized for high power and low insertion loss operation.   Price: $80 (N type)/$130 (DIN connectors).

August-17-2015: WaveNode supports Windows 10.   The document to install the WaveNode products can be found in the Software Support section of the website.   There is also a second document for step-by-step installation of the WaveNode USB driver in the same location.

September-28-2014: WaveNode is pleased to announce that Mediaglobe will be distributing WaveNode products in Italy. Mediaglobe is the largest web-based Amateur Radio supplier in Italy. Please visit

August-15-2014: WaveNode announces a partnership with RFC Squared to provide unique R.F. power and S.W.R. sensing solutions for remote instrumentation of VHF/UHF communication repeaters and base station usage. For more information regarding RFC Squared and their expertise to provide complete communications solutions please visit

July-1-2014: N4PY rig control/equipment integrator software now supports Wavenode wattmeters. for more information.

May-15-2014: The DX Shop distributes WaveNode products in Europe. You can reach them at or            tel. +44 (0)1588 620126.

May-1-2014: WaveNode now provides RF port on all of our inline sensors for use with IMPure feedback reduction of Intermod products and splatter. WaveNode sensors can now provide an optional -16 dbm transmit RF on a separate BNC port to provide the feedback required for this feature . These are available by by email or phone to or 408-933-8059.                              Click here for technical paper on this new technology.

Click here for general description and technical presentation.   

WN-2d as reviewed in July '12 magazine - Click here to read

WN-2 as reviewed in August '07   magazine -  Click here to read

Introducing WaveNode WN-2m to our family of products


WaveNode WN-2, WN-2d, WN-2m:

  • Includes high brightness LED bargraphs (except WN-2).

  • WN-2m monitors 2 sensors simultaneously for Peak, Average, and SWR.

  • WN-2 and WN-2d Monitor 4 sensors simultaneously for Peak, Average power and coax SWR.

  • Direct USB full speed interface on all products .  

  • Backlit LCD display for stand-alone operation- Your PC is optional.

  • Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analysis of the RF Modulation- Observe IM and "Splatter" frequency components real-time.

  • Complete system includes (1) sensor, display unit, AC power module and software on CDROM.

  • Wide range of sensors cover 100 milliwatt to 8KW, 1.6 MHz to 1.3 GHz.

  • 16-bit RISC processor, 12 bit A/D converter and rugged construction.

  • C ompact and low power.  Perfect for local, mobile, emergency communications vans, and remote repeater sites.

  • NIST traceable calibration, FCC Class B, CE certification.


WaveNode Sensors for 470 MHz to 1.3 GHz.


  0-100 watt operation and are compatible with all systems. They have low insertion loss and are built on PTFE stripline with dual differential detectors. True peak and average power with SWR are displayed on your system. These units have >23 db directivity
and will display SWR accurately at power levels > 2 watts.

SHF-1 470 MHz - 750 MHz
SHF-2 750 MHz - 950 MHz
SHF-3 950 MHz - 1.3 GHz



8KW HF Sensor

   WaveNode now has available an HF sensor up to 8KW operation.   Same price as our standard 2KW sensor -- $65.00 each.   Choose either SO-239 (Silver-Teflon-Gold) or "N" type connector.  

   This sensor is suitable for use with linear amplifiers capable of > 2KW watts PEP output.   Plug compatible with our other sensors to give maximum flexibility to your measurement capability,  you can mix and match these sensors with our HF and UHF sensors to provide multiple RF power measurement on a single display.


QRP HF Sensor

The QRP HF sensor extends our sensor lineup to satisfy the needs of the QRP operator.   Same price as our  2KW and 8KW  -- $65.00 each.  

   This sensor provides accurate Power and SWR measurement  between 20 milliwatts and 60 watts.  Mix and match with our other sensors to provide QRP to QRO  measurement, no compromise.   The WaveNode Sensor selection now provides 0.025--8KW measurement from 1.6 MHz -1.3 GHz, all on a single display.

FM-1 Sensor

FM-1 Sensor for FM Broadcast and EmComm:   Perfect for local or remote Monitoring of Police/Fire/FM Broadcast. Handles 0-600 Watt forward power with < .03 db insertion loss. Monitor transmitter power and antenna/feedline SWR remotely. Available with RFView and your choice of RF connector.

NIST traceable calibration station

RT1/RT2 controller for Yaesu rotators.

The newest Hardware accessory for the WN2 and WN2-d station monitor.

  • Available as option on new units.
  • Easy field installation of module RT1/RT2 on existing units.
  • All software versions support RT1/RT2.


The Rotator Controller:

Features of your RT-1/ RT-2 Rotor Control System:

1. Point and click control on a map centered at your location. Just one click sends your rotator exactly where you want it.

2. Controls 2 independent rotators, and indicates both rotators on the same map. Two auxiliary antennas at 90 degrees can
    also be indicated.

3.  No alignments are necessary, but provision is made to trim the antenna pointing.   

4. Supports Overlap, speed control, and all Yaesu features. Use your rotator box controls normally also.   Uses the Yaesu
    interface plug, no opening or modification of your Rotator Control Unit.

5.  Simple connection to your control box that will never lose communication with your WN-2 or WN-2d with your Yaesu
    control box. Perfect for remote operation where reliability is most important.

High-Power VHF/UHF Sensors:

 UHF-2KW (0-2000 Watt) 120-170 MHz.

 UHF-220 (0-2000 Watt) 200-270 MHz. 

 UHF-70cm (0-2000 Watt) 410-470 MHz.

These sensors use a unique "COAX Directional Coupler" to display Power and SWR with very low insertion loss. Insertion loss is less than 2 watts with 1.5KW forward power. 

Accuracy +/- 10%

Directivity >23db

Connectors SO-239 or "N" Type

RFView Option:

Monitor your output with station Oscilloscope or Spectrum Analyzer.


HF-1 sensor shown with RFView option

Optional RFView output port on WaveNode HF sensor allows the operator to view station signals on an oscilloscope.  Plug a BNC cable from the remote sensor to your oscilloscope for real-time RF monitoring.


WaveNode Online Store

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Attention WN-1 Owners

We have not produced the WN-1 for over five years, but we get inquiries from blind Hams seeking these older units because of their voice and tone announcing.   If you have a WN-1 control box that is no longer in service and you wish to donate it to a blind Ham, please let us know at    We will bundle it together with a new sensor and cables and donate to a blind Ham via HandiHams.   Thanks and 73.




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